Readers' Choice Challenge

Between September and May of this school year I have challenged every student to be constantly reading . You are to be reading for 20 -30 minutes every night as well as during "The Zone" each week.
Remember for this class your novel is your textbook and I expect you to come to class with a novel to read. If you are almost finished your novel, and expect to finish it during the period, have another novel ready to go.
Here is a copy of the information that has been handed out so far.

Readers' Choice Information
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Reading Record
Remember to complete a record for each book you read. These records will be collected each term.
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Book Talk
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Ideas for Making Notes About Your Book

Having trouble making notes about your book? Here are some things to think about.
  • What stands out about a character (or the characters) in this book?
  • How did the author create realistic characters that remind you of people you know?
  • Did the characters face problems you or your friends have faced before?
    • How did the characters solve their problem?
    • How did you or someone you know solve the same or similar problem
  • What stands out about a theme in the book?

Some thoughts about the book
  • I really like the way the author ...
  • I really like it when ......
  • As I read about .... I felt ....
  • As I read the book I learned ....
  • I thought the most important part of the story was ....


  • How does the author create a setting that is realistic or at the very least believable?

  • What event(s) in the story stands out for you? Why?