LA Extra Help

A number of parents ask about ways they could support their child in LA so I thought I would begin a webpage containing suggestions, activities and helpful ideas.

Reading * Writing *


It is important for students to read each night for about 20 minutes. Some students will be able to spend the full 20 minutes reading and want more. However, students who do not like to read will find reading for 20 minutes a long time. I have explained to students that reading and writing is like triaining for a sporting event, it is all about building up endurance. To start, these students should consider reading in 10 minute blocks.
After students have finished reading, a few times a week parents can ask their child some questions about what they have read. Below are some questions we use in class when discussing things we read.


  • What stands out about a character (or the characters) in what you have read? Why?
  • How did the author create realistic characters that remind you of people you know?
  • What problem did the character face that is similar to something you or your friends have faced before? How did the character solve the problem? How did you or someone you know solve the same or similar problem?


  • What event(s) in the story stands out for you? Why?


  • How does the author create a setting that is realistic or at the very least believable?

Other Discussion Ideas

  • What stands out about a theme in the book?
  • I really like the way the author …
  • I really like it when ......
  • As I read about .... I felt ....
  • As I read … learned ....
  • I thought the most important part of the story was ...

Reading Skill Builder Sites

This page of links contains activities for various reader levels. If you have a good reading site you would like to share with us please feel free to send the link to me so I can add it.

Shakespeare Out Loud
If there are students who are up to challenging their reading skills ... take a look at some of these plays by Shakespeare. I would be interested in seeing what connections you are able to make between this author and modern day life, movies, or literature.


Writing is another skill we need to work on everyday. In the grade 7 classrooms writing skills include the WriteTraits.
Discovery English Homework ~ Writing, Mechanics, Grammar.