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This page is intended to act as a list of links that could help as you do your work in all subject areas.

Microsoft Word (2007)

The following links are from the Microsoft website. The 3 of the links have videos, the rest are written instructions.


Adding Attachments

  1. Go to and log in using your network id and password (don't forget to add nbss\)
  2. Open a new email
  3. Fill in the TO field and the Subject (don't forget to cc yourself)
  4. At the top of your email application you should see a button that looks like a paperclip. Click on this icon.
  5. Using the dialogue box click on the browse button and look for the file you want to attach then click on the open button
  6. You should now see the computer path to your document in the textbox on the dialogue box. Click on the attach button.
  7. Now add any message in the body and send your email.


Go to

  1. Type in the title of the book you have selected to do this exercise with five times (5x).
  2. Type in your favourite paragraph from the book (must be 4 or more sentences long)
  3. Once you have made any design changes you want click on the print button to print it to a file or your can save it to the Wordle site. Remember if you save it to the site, do not use your full name.

Printing Wordle

Printing is a little complicated
  1. After you click on print two (2) dialogue boxes will appear, click ok both times.
  2. A printer dialogue box should now appear and you will need to select a printer ... select XPS Document ...
  3. This time 3 or 4 dialogue boxes will appear, click ok each time until a dialogue box appears asking for a file name
  4. Enter your filename and save it to your LA directory.
  5. Once it is saved, find the file and open it before you close the wordle window. (This is just to make sure everything worked as it should).
  6. If the file is there and looks like you want it to you are finished.
  7. Email completed file to your teacher

This file was printed to a file.
File Not Found
File Not Found

Emailing a Saved Wordle Using URL

If you chose to save your wordle to the Wordle site please email the URL (web address) to me.
The URL will look something like this: (this is the URL to my Dragon Rider Wordle)

Emailing a Saved Wordle using HTML Code
Another alternative to sending the URL or printing the Wordle file is to embed the HTML code provided on the saved wordle file page to the teacher. If you look at the bottom of your wordle page there will be a message that tells you to paste the supplied text onto your webpage. Just paste this into an email and send it to me.

Following is the text I pasted to get the file shown below.

"<a href=""
title="Wordle: Dragon Rider"><img
alt="Wordle: Dragon Rider"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd"></a>"

Wordle: Dragon Rider

HINT: I typed my text into Notepad so that if something went wrong in Wordle I wouldn' have to retype everything. Once the text was ready to use, I copied and pasted the text into Wordle. It was also useful when I decided to create the second Wordle.