Roll Call by Malcolm Rose

Unit: Follow the Evidence

Focus Question: What is the role of science and people in solving crime?

So Far in Class

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We are reading together the novel Roll Call by Malcolm Rose. In this novel we will follow 16 year old Forensic Investigator Luke Harding as he attempts to solve a series of murders with only one thing in common, all the victims share the same name - Emily Wonder.

Through listening to a read aloud novel, reading a series of articles and an FI Report, we will use our reading comprehension strategies to help discover who is behind a series of murders and perhaps save a life. Oh and just to make things a little more exciting, Luke, our main character, must solve the crimes and save the latest EW to disappear before he too falls victim. Headed toward London and Luke is a destructive tsunami. Will Luke solve the case before it is too late for everyone?

Each week we will be updating to our Readers Notebook with information related to comprehension strategies including narrative elements. In your binder you will create graphic organizers to help you keep track of the important information. Be sure to bring both your Readers Notebook and binder to class with you everyday. Don't fall behind.
(Remember, every time we add something to our Reader's Notebook, it is important to add the item to your table of contents.)

Week 1
Reading Comprehension Strategies
  • Reading Comprehension Strategy: Predicting Using prior knowledge to answer the Focus Question
  • Reading Comprehension Strategy: Predicting Using Text Features
  • Reading Comprehension: Narrative Elements
  • Vocabulary Development: Interesting Words and Phrases - Choose 5
  • Characters: who have we met?

Graphic Organizers
(We have created pages to track the important information. Below are other formats you may want to use.)

Week 2
Chapters 1 & 2
Readers Notebook
  • Characters: Traits sheet
  • Reading Strategy: Using Clarifying Questions

Graphic Organizer Updates
  • For the first few weeks I will be uploading the information we add to the graphic organizers in class. However this is only until we gain confidence to do it on our own so don't expect it to be here for the whole unit. (Really, this is only intended as a double check for those who what to check/update their work because they missed class.)


Remember to always include supporting details to back up your opinion or ideas. Some supporting details will come from the novel we are reading together in class (Traces 3: Roll Call by Malcolm Rose) and others will come from connections you make outside of the book we are reading (Text to Self, Text to Text, Text to World).
Three options for completing the response:

  1. Complete the sheet handed out in class or
  2. You can add your thoughts to our blog or
  3. Complete the document below (same as handed out in class)

Week 3

In class we are reading chapter 3. As I read we started a list of evidence we found that tells us how Luke and Jade are responding to the Year Birth concert they are at. We want to be able to understand what Luke and Jade think of the concert based on this evidence. Below are the notes from class plus the empty t-chart.

Once your t-chart is complete, work on response #4 (don't do response #3 - we discussed this orally in class before we read this chapter)

Due date: Friday, April 1st.

Week 4

Chapter 5

For students using Google Docs, feel free to upload the Word file below to your account and add your responses directly to it. Before you share the file with me please change the document name to Chapter_4_Questions_YourName so I know who the file belongs to.

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8